Project Roles: Brand Designer, Art Director
Skills: Brand Strategy + Messaging, Brand Identity, Photography, Packaging Design, Video

Apeel Juice is a premium juice startup that repurposes "ugly" produce from local farms into fresh and affordable cold-pressed juice. As a social enterprise, Apeel Juice is on a mission to reduce produce waste and methane pollution, while encouraging everyone to take part in caring for our beautiful planet. 

As co-founder, I built a comprehensive brand identity (see brand book below) from the ground up that pays homage to all the outcasts in our society. The company lives and breathes inclusivity, meaning all shapes and sizes are loved. To achieve the underlying values, I developed a visual and communications strategy that captures all the imperfect qualities that make someone or something special.

The challenge lies in raising brand awareness and getting everyone excited about misshaped fruits and vegetables. Not the most appealing stuff. But by casting light on these abandoned produce, we give them life and real emotions, which help shift the public’s perception of what "ugly" means.

After Team Apeel conducted market research through countless surveys and online/in-person interviews, we formulated a list of brand attributes and highlighted 3 key traits we’d like to be remembered as: inclusive, witty and relatable. 

Based on key words used to describe our target audience, I crafted a visual system that marries logo, typography, color, photography, graphic elements (iconography, illustration, patterns), and writing style. When used consistently, these set the stage for a specific mood and brand image. 

Apeel Juice's identity consists of a whole lot of black to demonstrate boldness and courage in individuality. The use of black also counterbalances the extensive library of colors that radiate with energy and diversity. The "imperfect circle" is the dominant mark/symbol and is used consistently at all brand touch points. 

The orange patterns are created from real orange slices imprinted on watercolor paper with India ink.

Our animated tagline: "Drink Ugly. Feel (pretty)."

As a fun and unique marketing tactic, I created a short hand-drawn animation that brings a misshaped apple, carrot and lemon to life. Using our brand colors and illustration style, this video can be paired with other verbal/visual collateral that reinforces our mission.

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